DO School Collaboration with American Friends of Bucerius

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American Friends of Bucerius is working with the DO School in Hamburg to train and mentor the international entrepreneurs of tomorrow who want to have a social impact in their communities and beyond. The 2014 Sustainable Cup Challenge in New York City aims to design a sustainable to-go cup that could be used by businesses in New York and other cities.

The DO School brings in enterprising young people for a year-long curriculum where they gain the skills needed to start their own social entrepreneurial ventures. The program begins with a 10-week incubation phase at the DO School campus, where students participate in hands-on projects, build ideas and receive mentoring from peers. They then return to their home countries for a 10-month “implementation” phase to put those ideas into action.

The New York City DO School Sustainable Cup Challenge is planned in cooperation with American Friends of Bucerius, New York City’s Office of Long Term Planning and Development, and PLASTICITY, supported by Newman’s Own Foundation and the Dekeyser & Friends Foundation. The Challenge Phase will begin February 2014.

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